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Random Thoughts

22 March 1966
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OK I am really here now. I am finding that my intentions swing between this being a sexy thoughts journal to be a respository of random thoughts to this being a fuller journal. At this moment it looks like the middle option is winning.

age play, ageplay, anal, anal play, anal sex, anime, audio, bd, bdsm, begging, being watched, bimboization, blowjobs, body control, bondage, books, brothels, bukkake, buttplugs, clit, clitoris, cock worship, consensual slavery, corporal punishment, cuddling, cum slut, cunnilingus, cybersex, d/lg, d/s, daddy/little girl, deep penetration, deep throat, deepthroating, degradation, deprivation, dildos, doggy style, dominating, eargasm, enslavement, erotic audio, erotic fiction, erotic humiliation, erotica, face fucking, family, fantasies, fellatio, female ejaculation, fiction, food, forced fantasy, forced orgasm, forced orgasms, forced sex, foreplay, friends, friends with benefits, fuck buddies, fuck toy, g-spot, german film, gloryholes, grooming, hair pulling, historical torture methods, humiliation, humor, intellectual intercourse, intellectual masturbation, intelligence, kinky, kinky sex, kissing, making love, masturbation, mind control, mind fucking, mouth fucking, multiple orgasms, multitasking, mutual masturbation, nipple bondage, nipple clamps, nudity, obedience, oral, oral sex, orgasm control, orgasm denial, pain, phone sex, phonesex, play rape, pleasure, pleasure mixed with pain, politics, polyamory, pornography, power exchange, public humiliation, public sex, punishment, raja/kijira, rape fantasy, rape scenes, real life sex, restraints, ritual rape, role play, role playing, rough fucking, rough sex, rough violent sex, sacred prostitution, sacred whoredom, sadism, sensuality, sex, sex audio, sex slaves, sexual fantasies, sexual humiliation, sexual roleplay, sexuality, sharing fantasies, shaved pussies, slave training, sluts, sm, spanking, submissive, submissives, taking pictures, teasing, throat fucking, tickle torture, titty fucking, torture, total power exchange, trainers, training, trust, truth, verbal humiliation, voyeurism, watching, watersports, wine